The Problem We Solve

100 million Americans are suffering from chronic comorbidities.

Our solution is to increase empathy. Value based care, payers, providers, patients, and families attain better health outcomes with timely diagnosis and continuous data insights. We believe that the purpose of data, data science, and predictive analytics is empathy, the action of understanding a person and what matters to them so that care can be delivered to meet this need in the optimal moment.

Who we are:

Our coFounders, Hai Po Sun and Teddy Cha decided to change how chronic disease is discovered. It began when each experienced immediate family members with kidney failure, dialysis, a transplant, all grappling with preventable disease. They left their respective careers in other industries and created pulseData, the only AI healthcare company focused on identifying and predicting progression of cardiorenal disease.

We deliver deep intelligence on individuals, context on their condition; details often undiagnosed or missed. As our partners attain a clear and continuous diagnosis of individuals, they are armed with proactive paths to improve lives and outcomes. We deliver data and insights in ample time; engineered to avoid tragic, preventable, and costly events at scale.

The Issue

Kidney Disease is a huge contributor to the cost of healthcare in the US

pulseData uses data to provide visibility into the impact and cost of kidney care in your population.

Our solution is simple: we focus on the patient. We’re the fastest way to understand your patients and their future, and how to improve it.

Using your data we predict which patients are at-risk for Chronic Kidney Disease and End Stage Renal Disease, we can improve health outcomes and save on spend.

To do this, our solution must impact the care lifecycle, from data to delivery.


Analyze health records for member cohort across claims, EHR, labs, meds, notes etc.


Identify at risk population with highest CKD/ESRD risks and individual factor weights


Communicate and coordinate workflows and encounters with patient and provider consent (RN, MD, NP, SW)


Informed kidney care decision, support, centered around improved outcomes and quality of life

Hai Po Sun

Co-Founder and CTO

“I started pulseData with a team of domain experts in engineering, product design, and healthcare data because renal disease has had an immense impact on my family. After watching an uncle die from kidney failure and then witnessing my mother undergo years of dialysis, I wanted to harness my Quantitative Modeling and Predictive Analytics expertise from Wall Street and apply it to Kidney and Chronic Care."

Teddy Cha

Co-Founder and CEO

“Chronic disease is tragic when preventable. That’s why our team built a way to predict which individuals are going to need dialysis and when. By sharing this information with payers and providers, our clients are able to deliver the right care at the right time to the right people. When this happens, chronic disease sufferers get a chance to manage their disease, avoid catastrophic outcomes, and live much better lives."