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pulseData’s response to COVID-19

Early evidence suggests patients with kidney disease are at increased risk of more serious infection and higher mortality rates from COVID-19. The majority of people (90% nationally) with chronic kidney disease are unaware of their diagnosis and therefore may not know to take extreme precautions given their risk profile.
We want to inform you that you have been identified as high risk for contracting COVID-19. Please be especially careful and adhere to recommendations outlined by the National Kidney Foundation here.

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Care Co-creation

Data inspires better, consistent care for patients. By showing the data to you, discussing it with you, we encapsulate new or existing workflows with ML techniques in consistent and scalable systems.
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At our core, we are data people. We have spent years understanding the pieces of information that matter most in determining a diagnosis and how they relate.

We ingest, normalize and analyse your data to group your population into risk categories for Chronic Kidney Disease and End Stage Renal Disease.

Risk Stratification / Predicti1on

Theoretically understanding what factors impact the likelihood of CKD or ESRD is one thing. Selecting the individuals in your patient population who are most at risk, is entirely different. 
Our tool gives you the information you need to make care decisions patient by patient, including:
  • Likelihood that patient will develop CKD based on X
  • Likelihood that patient will need dialysis within 12 months 
  • Likelihood that Q and R
/ Coordination

Our solution doesn’t stop there. The data we bring is only valuable if it is put to work. 
The way we integrate these data into your workflowis driven by your team and your process. 

/ Care
We’re all in this business because we want to give better care to the patients who need it most. 

By pairing your expertise in care delivery with our expertise in data, we can focus limited resources where improvements can be expected and address problems that already exist in your patient population.Patient is enrolled into care program and assigned an individual treatment planTargeted appointments with multidisciplinary team members (NP/dietician/LISW)

  • Patient is enrolled into care program and assigned an individual treatment plan
  • Targeted appointments with multidisciplinary team members (NP/dietician/LISW)
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